Sectional Flight Augered

Sectional Flight Augered Piles

  • Mini Piles 200mm – 350mm diameter
  • Midi Piles 200mm – 600mm diameter 

Sectional Flight Augered Piles are constructed by drilling short sections of hollow stemmed augers into the ground (typically 1.0m – 3.0m long).  Additional sections of augers are added to the drill string until the augers have reached the required depth.

Once at depth, concrete or cementitious grout is injected down the hollow stem of the augers to the pile under pressure.

The augers, filled with spoil from the drilling method, support the pile bore as they are withdrawn from the ground in a controlled manner.

Sectional Flight Audered Piles
Contiguous Piled Retaining Walls

The concrete or grout continues to be injected until it fills the pile bore to ground level.

To complete the pile, a reinforcement cage is plunged into the wet concrete to the required depth.

S.F.A. piles are well suited to locations which are vibration sensitive.  Our small compact rigs enable high capacity piles to be constructed on restricted access locations.