Bottom Driven, Steel Cased Piles

Bottom Driven, Steel Cased Piles

Capability;  150mm – 220mm diameter

Capacity – 50kN – 300kN

Steel Cased Driven Piles are constructed by driving short sections of thin-walled casings into the ground (typically 1.0m – 2.0m long).  The bottom of the ‘starter’ casing is filled with a driving ‘plug’. An internal hammer is then used to drive the casing into the ground.

Once a section of casing has been driven into the ground, an additional casing is welded on to drive the pile deeper.  This process is repeated until the pile has reached the required depth.

Upon reaching the required depth, the internal hammer is withdrawn from the casing, and the hollow casing left in the ground is filled with concrete.

To complete the pile, a reinforcement bar or cage is plunged into the wet concrete to the required depth.

Our small compact rigs enable high capacity piles to be constructed on restricted access locations.

Steel Cased Driven Piles